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Car buying

I bought a new car this evening. Okay, a new/used one- 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe. I have a 2006 Santa Fe and have loved it, but in the next day or two, I will have ticked over the 100K mile mark and it's seven years old. It's not given me problems but I did, today, put in $500 of new power steering and pressure lines. And I'm told I'll be doing brake lines in the next few months. Plus new tires for the winter, etc... so yeah. They just brought the 2011 in trade from someone yesterday and she wasn't even cleaned up looked over. But I kept petting it and a salesman noticed and tossed me the keys. Okay- huge mistake as it drove fabulous. I just loved it.

Long story short- they made me a really solid offer on MY car and a very solid deal on the 2011. It's not a color I'd have chosen and it's not AWD but then my current Santa Fe isn't either and I've managed.

I guess it's back to a car payment, something I was NOT counting on for a couple more years. Oh well.
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