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Danny/Scott picspam

This is for diek09. I don't normally do picspams but I couldn't resist after the subtle hint... Large on the graphics here so if you are not into Danno (or Scott) then skip. :)

[It's all about Danny]
Start out with a little Steve and Danny because these two are so damn cute together...

3.03 Danny and Steve on boat

Danny and Steve outside s1 ep 13

S2 Danny with Steve

and this one is a favorite of mine (and my current desktop)

Some of my favorite Danny stuff...

Danno ep 3.22


danny 3.19

Danny awesome

Danny black T-shirt

Danny S1 in vest

Danny s1

danny with arms crossed first season

A few behind the scenes...

S4 BTS Danny with new Camaro


And some just plain Scott here...

Scott at the beach

Tags: danno, danny williams, five-0, hawaii five-0, picspam, scott caan
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