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Goals and thoughts

I'm not going with resolutions- that really never works out for me. But I am going to set up a few goals I want to aim for and work toward. Most of them involve my writing, both professionally and fanfic wise, but there are some others I want to work toward as well.

[It's all about the goals...]First I set myself up on a 52 week money challenge. I actually started this 7 weeks ago. It's really simple. I have a manila envelope here on my desk and taped to the front is a chart that marks weeks 1-52. Each week I put in the amount of that week. Example: Week 1- $1.00, Week 2- $2.00, Week 3- $3.00 on up to Week 52- $52.00... get the idea? At the end of 52 weeks I'll have $1378.00 to do with as I please. Not bad, huh?

Last year turned into the year of incomplete projects, of which seem legion. From hobby projects like knitting and cross stitching, getting my work room completely organized and various writing projects. So I'm going to make it my mission to finish up as many of these projects as I can. Which brings me to writing.

Depression rules my life and this past year more so it seems. It's robbed me of my will to sit down and write and it's time to get over it. Professionally- Gwenna- has been pretty much back burnered and I need to change that. Fanfic wise I've had some good successes- I finished Glimpses and it still continues to do well on AO3. But over all, not so much after that. I'm still on the 1_million_words LJ community and hopefully that will keep me motivated to write  and finish all these WIPs I have hanging around my neck.

Top of the fanfic list is No Surrender- the final story in the No Promises universe. I've got this 2/3rds done so I just need to get on it already. I have some songvids I'm in the middle of as well and so I'll work on trying to finish those up.

Professional- I have three novels in various stages so made the decision to focus on one- Melody Blue. That's my WWII M/M romance novel. I've set up some deadlines for what I want done by when and I'm hoping this will get me back on track and writing something every day. This weekend is my three day one so I'm going to use it to get my source book in order, tighten up the outline and actually write. My presence as Gwenna has suffered terribly. I'm not a social media person. I don't do Facebook well (I barely understand it) and never use Twitter. I have a blogspot but don't use it because it's just not comfortable for me to. So I'll focus mostly on the LJ I set up for Gwenna and try to post, faithfully, once a week an update. Even if I have nothing to say. I'm trying to keep it realistic in my expectations to keep that up. Facebook and Twitter I'll use to direct those few who care over to the LJ.

First goal for writing and the 1_million_words January Big Buddy challenge is 1,000 words.

It's a start. We'll see where it goes from here.

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