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Winner, winner, catfish dinner...

Revelcon was held this past weekend- sadly I didn't get to go. But I've entered vids with them in the past for their vidshow. A few years ago, my vid "The Whole Freaking Platoon is Gay" (fandom Tour of Duty) won favorite slash vid.

Yesterday I was notified that Let's Talk About Sex (fandom H5-0) won favorite humor vid. :) How pleased am I? \0/

Also, got my signed and executed contract from Kensington Publishing this weekend. So it's official now- I'm a Kensington author. To that end I turned in a new bio and even a picture (cringe) for my bio over there. Now I just need to get off my butt and actually write again... anything. I've hit such a wall this winter. Oy.
Tags: fanvidding, h50, hawaii five-0, kensington press, tour of duty, vidding
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