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Mark and Josh nattering.

I've been working again on Mark and Josh, finally making some decent headway after a miserable winter of getting absolutely no writing done. And I'm pleased with with it- something else I haven't been with either my regular or fanfic writing.

I'm pushing to try and get something written every night- I'm not there yet but I'm working on it. And since I've got this outlined (I'm one of those that doesn't fly well without a net as it were...) I can work on scenes that are talking to me rather than going linear. Which I did this morning. Which makes me a very happy person.

It has been a long hard winter, tough on my depression and nerves. Things have changed at work- not for the better- and I've been just sick and tired of everything. But the mood is starting to lift a bit. I'm starting to get out and walk and Mark and Josh have decided to talk to me at long last.

I won't ask for more than that right now.

Tags: mark and josh, then and now
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