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Past and Future

It’s finally official now, I will be going to a new company (a large urology practice) to be their new Compliance Auditor. Paperwork is signed and all the fuss with my current employer is resolved. Oh yeah, there was a fuss.

This should have been an easy resignation. I turn in my two week notice and they get to keep over 130 hours of my hard earned vacation time. Which sucks as we accrue that- it’s not like it’s given up front. I managed to sneak in a couple extra days off but they still make off with the lion’s share which is unfair. But I digress a bit.
Turning in my resignation should have been the end of the story. I’m a nobody—one step above janitorial as it were as a lowly medical billing clerk who is more customer service now than anything else. Within the hour they had my position posted on the company’s intranet and EVERYONE in the damned company knew I was leaving for what has to be greener pastures. This was last Friday.

Then I get ambushed 15 minutes before I leave on Friday to be told that my new employer is a client of my current employer. And as such, my current employer should have been asked if I could leave and come work for the new guys. And because of this, current employer was going to hold me up a couple more weeks and I was not allowed to talk to my new bosses.

Yeah, I left in tears pretty much on a Friday afternoon. Destroyed my Friday evening, thank you very much.

None of this was my fault and I found out who my friends are and who cares about me and who doesn’t. This finally got straightened out yesterday about an hour before I was to leave for an extra long weekend here with Kit in Buffalo (where I am now). The upshot is, my new company has apologized to my current company for the “unintentional” poaching and my current employer is being gracious and not standing in my way and letting me go- provided I stay an additional week. Wow, how nice of them.


Change is really hard, whether you want it or not. But if I ever needed validation that this is the right thing to do, these folks handed it to me on a silver platter. I will have no regrets leaving this all behind me. They put the cherry on top of that without a doubt. And even if this doesn’t work out in the end, I don’t care. It still gets me out of where I am now—miserable, unhappy, under paid and with nowhere to go.

My only regret is that this will trash my summer with Kit. No more long weekends where I came out here and we had a blast and vidded and wrote and talked like fangirls. I’ll still come out here though and definitely for Labor Day weekend. But fantastic hours at my current place of employment can’t be what keeps me there and it isn’t. By this time next year I’ll have vacation time stored up and I’ll be established and comfortable.

I am leaving some great people behind that I will keep in contact with. My direct manager is one of the sweetest people I’ve worked for and I will miss her. She’s been nothing but supportive and amazing. (and she made me sneak in some additional vacation days before I formally turned in my resignation.) Her I will miss and the girls who I work with. The rest of this place? Well, not to put it too nicely—can kiss my fanny at this point, thank you very much.

So, new job finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for the last four plus years at a much greater salary. Still doing Con.Txt in two weeks with the lovely decynthus  and I’m still going to Charlotte, NC for the 4th of July week to relax and visit my friends there.

And right now? I’m kicking back and relaxing with Kit for the holiday weekend. Maybe I can get Danny and Steve to talk to me. 
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