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Live at ConTxt

First of all, thank you lovekeller for the use of your laptop. I'm such a loser from top to bottom, I swear. I'm just so disorganized with starting the new job this week and such. I thought I had this all under control and in the end, I left my laptop, notebooks and drives all back home so I can't post, vid or write. Oy. Lovekeller is letting me borrow her laptop while she does some con volunteering- thank you so much.

decynthus and I got in early after nearly dying on the loop going around Baltimore. We came within a breath of becoming a vehicle sandwich when a tractor trailer was forced to switch lanes because some asshat cop jumped out in front of him for no reason. Thankfully, Decynthus saved us as she was driving in her lovely new car.

But because I wasn't driving, I left the laptop behind because I didn't pack stuff into the car the night before. That's my fault. Not only that, but I didn't bring much of any of my fandom stuff. Thank god I did bring my Kindle and my Five-0 T-Shirts. Anything after that is well, probably still back in upstate NY. *sigh*

We went to dinner last night with Lovekeller, her sister and the rest of the gang and after con registration, we went to the late showing of the  new X-Men movie. Loved the movie but it's hard to go wrong with both Patrick Stewart AND Hugh Jackman. I mean, really.

This morning I got up way before Decynthus and had breakfast with Lovekeller. Now everyone is off to panels and I'm going to watch her stuff and enjoy the use of her laptop while I'm doing so.

I swear the the next entry from me will be much less disjointed. But really- we all know that DC is a scatter brain anyway.
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