fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

So I've been a bit distracted...

I’m so far behind on everything here. Just so much craziness with the new job and everything else.

Right now, I’m in Charlotte on vacation. This was planned and paid for long before I interviewed and then took my current position. Thankfully, it wasn’t a problem with my new employer or boss. I got down here yesterday morning and have been hanging out and relaxing with my longtime friend and her husband. (And their very spoiled dog.) I’m here for the week, returning to Syracuse on Sunday and to go back to work.

So… about the new job. I like it. I moved from the one office I started out at and came down to the main office closer to downtown and by far a much easier commute for me. Even at the height of rush hour traffic I seem to be able to get there in under 20 minutes, which is pretty incredible for me. I like my new boss who seems very pleased with me. I’m not tucked in a quiet corner of the billing department, right next to her office which works out very well indeed. I’ve already learned a great deal and there is so much more. She’s got all kinds of auditing projects she’s lining up. It just feels good to finally be using my training and skills. I like what I’m doing and it goes a long ways toward my feeling better about things.

ConTxt was a blast and I’m woefully behind on writing about it. It’s enough to say we had a great time but it has lost some of the “squee” factor. We are considering other cons for the future although Media West is out of the mix for me due to its timing. But we are tossing around WinnCon for a possibility and a couple others.

I have NOT been writing. My life has been a zoo with the new job and adjusting. I do have everything with me here and hope to get myself going again. The only thing I have to show for myself for the month of June was a very quick comment fic I wrote for the 1_million_words community. (It was H5-0) I’m hoping July will find me back on track with Mark and Josh (as well as Steve and Danny.)

So that’s where I stand right now. I’ll be here in Charlotte for the rest of the week. Tomorrow it's shopping! \0/
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