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returning home

Sadly, I'm on a plane to come home tomorrow afternoon. This week flew by and I knew it would. But I had a really nice time, relaxed and did quite a bit of cross stitching. I finished three projects and have a fourth one almost done. I just need another hour tomorrow and that will be done. All smaller pieces but it was nice to have that sense of accomplishment.

Writing- not so much. I normally do pretty well down here but no one was talking to me. It happens. I'll work on my workroom this week and try and get things back in place so that by next weekend, I can maybe get back on track with that. I still want to have Then and Now (Mark and Josh)- the first draft- done by the Labor Day holiday. Not sure if that will happen but that's what I'm aiming for. I've also been sketching out a new Steve/Danno story but we'll see what happens there as well.

Monday, back to work. But it's to the still very new job and very new position. And sure, would I rather be down here relaxing and doing what I want? Of course. But to come home to a job that I like very much right now is very nice for once.

Hope everyone here in the States enjoyed their 4th. Noisy here at my friend's house with bottle rockets and other assorted noise makers going off right outside my bedroom window. Didn't bother me, but their dog is terrified of the noise and had a pretty crummy night.
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