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on vacation

I'm in the Outer Banks this week. For those who have no idea what the OBX is- it's a chain of islands along the North Carolina coastline that include such cute towns as Kitty Haw, Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills. And it's the location of my first novel- Lost and Found. We got here on Sunday evening and we're in this massive house in the community of Southern Shores- which is north of Kitty Hawk. The weather has been stunning so far and it's just been a wonderful time.

The house came with wifi but it's spotty and finally having reached my limits of patience, I purchased time on the OBX network. It's worth it to avoid the aggravation as I do NOT have a smart phone and I do need an internet connection.

I brought my writing with me. I have Then and Now (Mark and Josh's second book) and my current Five-0 project based in last season. I haven't tried yet but I will hopefully start settling into some quality time with one or both of those. I also brought some knitting, just a scarf but that's all I need.

The beach in front of this house is not the best walking beach, which is frustrating to say the least. But I am walking.

I'll post pictures later after I resize them.
Tags: obx, outer banks, vacation
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