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I'm not easily impressed

My sister gave me a 7" Kindle Fire HD as my Christmas present last year. And I loved it right away. I have a ton of stuff on it and it's in my bag and goes everywhere with me. Just love the damn thing. But over the last several weeks it has developed a problem of just shutting down without warning. I could have a full charge on it and it would up and do this to me in the middle of reading a book or watching an episode I downloaded. To add to that, it would be a pain to get it to turn back on. A couple of times it took me over 20 minutes.

So I contacted Amazon today- ended up in a live chat with a rep who asked me a couple of simple questions and said they were priority shipping me a brand new Kindle Fire HD and a mailing label to ship back this one- free of cost.

Well wow.


W. O. W.

In this day and age of sucky customer service and miserable representatives who sound bored and or annoyed that you would even bother them, this was nothing short of a breath of fresh air. I was on this chat less than five minutes- they didn't accuse me of misusing or damaging the device. Just, we are so sorry there is a problem and let us send you a new one. Period.

So yeah, may I say- if you are thinking of eReader/Tablet as a gift for the holidays- I'm all over the Kindle Fire HD. 
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