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Wow, was that a weekend

I spent my entire weekend working on the edits for Mark and Josh. I kicked some serious ass and got 95% done. Then tonight I finished the last problem area and sent that to HCat. I'll send the entire manuscript back to my editor tomorrow- TWO DAYS ahead of schedule. Yeah, I'm happy about that, believe me.

Now I'm gonna treat myself and write Zeke and Myron smut this weekend. Go me. :)

In a separate note, HCat sent me this url to a blog. Just the blog itself I find hysterial- Handmade by Mother- So you'd better damn well wear it! It's vintage knitting patterns mostly and it's a really awesome blog. But this entry here, about soldiers who knit while serving in Iraq is absolutely the cutest article. You have to check it out. I mean you can't go wrong- guys in combat boots- that knit!

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