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First of all, I'd like to celebrate and say I completed the hard edits on Mark and Josh. Let the celebration commence. Now it goes to HCat for her special kind of magic where she makes me look like I can actually write! Now I need to finish that damned synopsis, write the query letter and a small blurb. (wibble)

I picked up my teacher books on the way home from work. Found out that now I need a key card to get into the building. Joy, another one to keep track of with a crummy picture of me to boot.

Found a couple of interesting news items today. The one that really caught my eye was this one about one of the more famous pictures taken during the Vietnam War. This photo became one of the most published photos out of the war and is credited with helping to bring an end to it. It also won the Pulitizer.

Tomorrow is 9/11. There has been no other day that has had a bigger impact on my life than this event. I still remember it as vividly today as if it all happened yesterday.

In something a bit lighter, I finished knitting this baby blanket a few weeks ago but I'm finally giving it over tomorrow to the expectant mother. She's having a girl. These pictures do a lousy job of showing the color, which is a lovely soft butter cookie yellow. Click on the pictures to get a better look at the detail.


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