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Contemplations and dog sitting

I haven't been around a lot I realized. This new job that I've now had for six months has just totally set me off kilter. And one would think I would be back on track but I can't seem to get there. I come home and I'm whipped and all I want to do is curl up in a corner of the couch and either read or stare at the TV. I've done absolutely NO writing or viding since I was at Kit's back at the end of October. (And even there I really got next to nothing accomplished.) I seem to be stuck in this rut of absolutely no inspiration and not sure how to get out of it at this point.

I do like the job- I really enjoy being a medical chart auditor. But I came into this field with some really bare bones training and a totally new specialty. I did billing for Radiology for the better part of nine years. Now I'm in Urology and anyone who does medical billing and/or coding will tell you that if you specialize, it's very hard to switch gears. I'm working at it, hard, but I've come up short in areas. My boss seems pretty okay with it. Thank god because apparently my training in one area was woefully lacking and I really botched a bunch of charts involving catheter changes. (They are almost as much fun auditing as they are actually getting one in the hospital! Oy!)

But, let me just say again, I DO like this job and don't miss the complete bullshit of my previous employer. Come 4th of July week though, I will once again be job hunting down in the great Charlotte area. That's the plan anyway.

I am Stella sitting today. :) I really do enjoy coming over here and watching the big goofball. She's presently sacked out on the couch. All 90+ pounds of her. This after an hour or so of sun bathing on the back deck- in the freezing cold. LOL. Anyway, I brought the laptop here, my flash drive of various Five-0 wips, my Mark and Josh novel and my numerous viding projects. Who knows, maybe I can actually get something done today.
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