January 4th, 2011

Myron reading

New review for Mark and Josh

Woot! I picked up a new review on Lost and Found and a good one too! I've been busting my ass (and spending some money) to get it out in the public eye last month and this. Right now it's up on Romance Junkies. I'm also one of the featured books today at Wickedly Sexy Writers. I'll just keep pushing to keep it out there in the public eye.

Review here at The Romance Studio


Pet Peeve

This is really starting to irk me. I know it's because I've written and researched the military for like a decade now. But for the love of god, people, can we please get this straight?

Navy Sailors ARE NOT SOLDIERS! This include SEALs. They are sailors.

Marines ARE NOT SOLDIERS. They are Marines.

The US Army has soldiers.

Okay, I've bitched. Shutting up now. Honest.