January 9th, 2011


Another Sunday night

Anytime I can get some writing done, especially on the beast VN2, makes me feel as if I haven't wasted the weekend. And I did. Certainly not as much as I would have liked but it moving forward again as I start to wind it down and wrap it up. I'm hoping to do that in under 10k words. I have my ending planned out as well, rather than just the concept of this is what I want to do. That makes a big difference for me.

As usual though, I've ground myself to a halt with a sex scene. For the love of god, I write guy on guy all the time, lord knows I've had Zeke and Myron at it for years now. (Okay, Myron with a few other people as well, but I digress here...) But it never fails that when I get to that point, I'm backspacing out more than I'm keeping and I find myself grinding my teeth. In the end I manage to get through it with varying degrees of success.

Other things I accomplished this weekend including updating several of my paying websites, several loads of laundry, two loads of dishes, grocery shopped and got several rows knitted on a baby blanket. I also cleared off my dining room table of everything Christmas. This is my wrapping station every year and it gets buried. So I packed that up and put it away and pulled out my big laptop and set up to vid. I've got a couple of ToD vids going and ideas for two Hawaii Five-O vids.

I still need to get to Staples and purchase some accordian folders to get my knitting and cross stitch patterns in some sembalence of order but I'll try to do that this week. I still have my big project staring at me here- the clean up, re-organize, re-do of my workroom.

It's been snowing all day and will continue to tonight. Joy. Tomorrow I go back to work for my first 5 day week in a while. Phooey. I'm so ready to strangle someone there that it's not getting pretty.
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