January 10th, 2011

Halloween cat

This, that and shower sex

Bet that subject line got your attention, hehe.

The good news is, I got my sex scene done, which I'm soooo happy about. And yes, it's shower sex, but hey, what's not incredibly hot about two gorgeous guys getting busy in a shower? And then there's what I wrote.

In an off the wall note I thought I'd add this observation: Okay, I admit it, I came to Hawaii Five-O for Alex O'Laughlin, because, come on, what's not to like here? But I'm totally stuck on Scott Caan. Geesh, I'm such a slut, what can I say?

BTW, it's been FREEZING here over the last few days in upstate NY. Will somebody please pay the damned heating bill so we can at least crawl back into the thirties? Good grief.