January 15th, 2011


H50 recs

Because when I actually find something that's good, it's almost like hitting the lottery, babe. LOL.

You still can't go wrong with anything powerhug comes up with. Her amazing ability to paint something stunning and detailed with a minimal amount of words amazes me. And reminds me that I'll never do this fandom justice so I'll continue to watch instead. Unbearable Breathing is one of my favorites right now.  

Tell Me Now (If I'm worth the Risk) by lantean-drift
I love missing scenes- written a fair amount of them for ToD, so I really enjoyed reading this one, especially since the snarky banter was dead on.

There is a lot of fun stuff, a lot of bad stuff and a lot of, okay, so you can string clips together and put music to it. But then there are those who know what editing really is and what to do with it. And I shrink back because, sweet baby jesus, I could never hope to come up with this level of quality.

H5O-Screaming Souls Promo
The most incredible vid I've seen yet in this fandom. This is amazing editing, fantastic music and if you've not seen the show, I swear you'd want to after watching this. I've watched it at least a dozen times and found something else to wow at. This is excellent vidding.

Same vidder, different vid. I think this is a WIP but geesh, what a great start if it is.

Extreme Ways
Steve/Danno slash by a different vidder. Again, the editing is slick and different and not gimmicky and it told the story of the relationship from Danny's pov. Extremely well done.

H5O Kicks Ass
It's not a racy manip of Steve and Danny in bed. (Not that I'd mind that, but I digress...) But a really excellent promo like poster image. Very sharp. Wish we had people like this in ToD.

My squee moment here, so forgive me but OMGCANYOUBELIVETHEHOTNESS- we get shirtless Danny coming up, in shorts and learning to surf. Scott Caan in cutoffs that are barely on his hips. Dies here.