January 29th, 2011

nom nom kitty

Like yesterday's news

For those who don't know, we have three cats. One old man cat and two much younger lady cats who moved in and took over about a year and a half ago. They've made life around here so much more interesting although the old man cat would disagree I think. Frankly, he has no use for either of them. He's long since reached that totally disgusted with the entire situation stage.

It's funny how they all have such different personalities. He's your typical put upon old man when the ladies have run of the house with him. But at night, when we put the ladies here in my work room before go to bed, he's this charming snuggly thing that will cuddle up to you on the couch, or follow you around and talk to you.

The ladies on the other hand, well, that's a different story. The tabby is this very loving equal opportunity smooze. If you pet her, she loves you. She don't care who you are. She loves everyone and thinks everyone loves her. She's so sweet you could spread her on toast like jam.

Her sister, the Siamese is also this very sweet lady. A diva, like only a Siamese can be, but a sweet diva. She's our lap cat. Hangs out on your lap all day, purring like crazy, just the happiest furball in town. She's also a huge man flirt. Shameless in fact. And a daddy's girl, which goes hand in hand with the man flirt.

Case in point- my husband went out of town for work this week, and was gone Tuesday and Wednesday night. The Siamese was my best friend during the entire time, sleeping in my lap, sucking up to me for treats and attention. Then Dad comes home and well, I'm no better than yesterday's news. She has no use for me- because her main man is back on the scene. I'd be hurt if it wasn't so incredibly funny.

Anyway, just had to share that because I really have nothing more interesting to say because I'm in the middle of cleaning up VN2 to submission grade. It's pretty much a done deal but for the contract, but I still need to make it good. I had no idea that I'd finish the rough draft one minute and have it pretty much sold an hour later. Sight unseen.

I'm taking a couple weeks break after I get it formally submitted to work on some fanfiction and vidding. I'm eager to get to some vidding, I've got some H5O I want to dive into. Then I will get back to regular writing, focusing on Firebase October and Melody Blue.
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