February 2nd, 2011


Other side of the storm

It was a messy commute in this morning, but I knew it would be. We'd gotten about 6 to 8 inches of snow, which at this point in the season is little more than a heavy dusting. But I could have done without the freezing rain that started coming down in earnest when I was about halfway there.

I was on time but most of the staff was not. And for a while it looked as if I would be doing the entire deposit for my department. Normally this is a job that requires a minimum of four people to get posted, balanced and written up by 11AM. Thankfully people starting finally coming in around 7:30ish.

We are supposed to get good old lake effect tonight into tomorrow. Yawn.

Still mulling over if I want to make a long weekend later this month and throw myself into doing this workroom. If I am, I need to start making a few purchases. And see if my son wants a futon.

I might work on some songvids this weekend. My new shiney fandom is just begging for me to dig into it.
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