February 9th, 2011


Karma just sucks

What is it with me and karma, I mean, really? I'm really trying to work off whatever I did in my prior life- I'm not asking for much, just an extension cord for my electric fan in hell. Seriously, did I run over a box of kittens?

The high yesterday of booking the flight got a huge kick in the ass when our lovely FREE flat screen TV decided to check out. Sweet Jesus. This is the one I won at the company picnic like 4 plus years ago. It just up and died. So now we have to replace it because I'll be damned if I do without. So it's off to Walmart tomorrow to blow $500. Oy.

And SU lost to Georgetown tonight. :P

As for the trip part, I scheduled my time off and got it approved, downloaded and filled out a passport renewal form and even got the pictures down at Walgreens tonight. It all gets mailed tomorrow, I'm paying the extra to have it expedited. I should have it back in a couple of weeks.
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