February 18th, 2011



I did a little shopping today, knowing I'm going to Japan in about five weeks. Bought some foundation stuff I've been putting off and a new handbag. Now to clarify, I'm not a handbag girl, I don't collect them and I certainly don't see the need to spend the equivalent of a car payment on something that says "Coach" or some other high end lable. I have simple needs that include space and pockets and if I can put it on a shoulder or just keep it in my hand. Beyond that, I don't much care. As a result, I get my handbags cheap and I use it for a year or more before I decide it's time to move on.

So for me to spend $40.00 on a leather one is well, more than I like to spend. I looked at other ones for less money but kept coming back to this one and in the end decided it was big enough to carry my netbook and Nookie, so I splurged. Trust me, for "me" this was a splurg. But, I'll have it for at least a year or more.

I'm not a fashion plate. I don't try to be. I'm fat, not at all attractive and I rather spend money on other things. I'm also realist and pragmatic. All the fancy and expensive clothes in the world doesn't change what the reality is. I'm a jeans and barefoot kinda girl whenever possible. Anything else, in my case, is a waste of time and money. 

Moving on now, this is my Friday off. I'm still between manuscripts so today and for the rest of the weekend (I do NOT get Monday off :P ) I will be working on vidding, an episode or character bio for Info and a little knitting. Husband is going north, so I've scored some free time to myself. I may even go out and walk since it's above 50 here in upstate NY today.

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