March 18th, 2011


Okay, not a stellar week

I'd like to hit the rewind button on my life and go back a few weeks at least. Not that it would fix anything necessarily.

Between what happened in Japan (and I'm entitled to worry about HCat- however unnecessary it may seem) and the fact that my co-workers suck and the whole girl hormones thing, I had a partial emotional meltdown yesterday. Oh, and my in-laws stopped by Wednesday evening- my husband forgot to mention they would.

So sue me.

I've developed a low tolerance for stupidity where I work, especially when it is something that could be avoided. We have checks and balances that should ensure that we send the deposit correctly to the bank. But they are useless if people don't follow them. Then the poor slob at the end of the day who has to balance EVERYTHING for the day gets caught up in a balancing nightmare. When I did the balancing last Thursday- it was off by FORTY CENTS. It took 3 people and 2 hours to find it. Yesterday it was $3.90. This one I found on my own. Both problems were created by laziness and carelessness. I'm sure both people involved will be promoted shortly. It's how it works there.

The trip to Japan is up in the air. The US State Department is advising no travel to Japan. That hasn't stopped the airlines from continuing their regular schedules. Where HCat is, is basically unaffected by all this- to which I am thankful because that means she is safe. The rest at this point is just details. We'll figure it out.

BTW, this is my Friday off. And it looks like I actually rated a stellar day where I can go out and get a spring walk in and even open up the house.

I'd like to get my ass back on track with either Firebase October or Then and Now today as well.

I've decided I so want to go to Hawaii- the damn set of Hawaii Five-O is so wide open. Bystanders are practically in the shots. This morning I was looking at YouTube Video of Scott Caan doing a take where he runs after someone and slides over the back of the car and runs onto the beach and whoever shot this video was right on top of the filming! I've been to a couple of sets, many many moons ago, and if shooting on location, the public is way the hell back, several blocks at the very least. Not so with this series!

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