March 20th, 2011

Kitten watching rain


Well, It's pretty much a done deal I'm NOT going to Japan. :( I'm trying to work with Expedia (who in turn are trying to work with United Airlines) and see what I can do. Right now I'm not happy with the options. As of yesterday, United would NOT cancel my tickets and refund the money. Nor would they consider letting me go into Osaka instead of Tokyo. Instead I can have a waiver that will let me reschedule the trip up to 331 days from March 26th. What sucks is, fall is out of the question as HCat has other plans. And it won't be cherry blossom time again in 331 days. :P

It's been a frustrating week to say the least. So I'll call again today and try and get this cancelled. Or at least rescheuled for next spring.

Yesterday I had a ripping headache so got NOTHING done. No cleaning, no chores, no writing, no anything. I did run one errand to B&N to get three books downloaded to my Nookie I ordered. And pick up more yarn to a baby blanket I'm making for a co-worker. But even that was taxing. Thinking I would have today to make up for it, my husband informs me that he is not gaming this afternoon. Double. :P

Since it appears I am not going to Japan (massive disappointed sigh here), I'm thinking I'll take a long weekend instead. Maybe rent a nice hotel room, bring my laptop and netbook and all flash drives and a stack of DVDs. A nice clean, private room with no damn TV blaring. Where I could write all I wanted, in peace.

I'm thinking about it.
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