March 25th, 2011


It's Friday.

I thought I'd do some picture spam here. I haven't posted about the two lady cats in a while. But before I do that, I'll show you my new knitting project I'll be starting shortly.

The pattern is shawl pattern called Japanese Garden- and you can get it for $5.00 at All proceeds from the sale of this shawl is going to Japan relief, so it's well worth it. In only 48 hours, the designer- Wendy D Johnson, raised $2400. I would say that's more than impressive, don't you?

Here is the lovely yarn I picked up for it:

It's Merino and Silk. Beautiful isn't it?

Now on to the lady cats. Both have become fat and sassy and spoiled rotten. They love their "cat tree" which was a worth while investment. The other day they both insisted in being in the much smaller platform so shared. It is the highest viewpoint in the house and they love to watch everything from there.

Sahara is the Siamese and Savannah the brown tabby.

In other news, the husband is going north tomorrow. So I get the house to myself. To write and vid. I hope. If I can't get one of my regular novels back on track, I'll indulge in fandom. Why not.