April 10th, 2011

Myron/Zeke- The Luck

House sitting

I'm back from house sitting. It was nice and relaxing and I did get some writing done. I also pretty much finished the Five-O songvid I was working on for kare . I just have some tweeking to do, maybe pull one clip I'm not entirely happy with and replace it. I might post it publicly tonight, we'll see.

Sadly I came back to this house. I stood in the living room, shoulders sagging. How'd I ever get into this mess? If I had my way, I'd have a dumpster parked in the driveway.

The writing I did was on the WWII novel- Melody Blue. Conversation over bourbon and cribbage. :) This isn't the novel I really wanted to work on but at least I wrote something. That's a start for me at this point.

I cleaned out my car after I got home. The snow brush and other winter items that no sane upstate New Yorker would do without got put into the garage. So DC is officially declaring it spring. I'm putting Mother Nature on notice- she's been a right bitch this winter. You've had your fun, girlfiend, now let's move on.

Anyway, I'll introduce you guys to Kitty, who, along with his very shy friend, Cooper, were the reason I house sit for my friend in the first place. Cooper I could only see on the "Cooper Cam" which I thought was funny. But Kitty and I hung out all weekend together like old friends.