April 12th, 2011


That's right, it's life list time

For those who have been hanging here with me, you all know I do my life list update on my birthday. For the few of you who are new- welcome aboard.

Years ago, long before The Bucket List became the catch phrase, I've created a life list. It's varied but I've had around 95 to 100 things on it- all things I either want to do, want to learn or places I want to see before I can't. This came about when my grandfather died, to spite my grandmother. He promised her that as soon as he retired, they'd travel the world and do all the things she dreamed of. He died two years after retirement and she never forgave him for it. And she let herself get bitter about it.

I took a look at that decided that wasn't going to be me. So about 25 years ago, I created my life list.

Things I've checked off the list:

San Francisco
See the Pacific Ocean
Learning to scuba dive (I'm a certified open water diver)
Learn to knit (okay, I'm not very good but I keep working at it.)
Dive in the Carribean
Climb to the top of a lighthouse (I did Currituck in the northern Outer Banks)

Things I still have to do:
Rent a houseboad in Seattle
Australia and New Zealand
Tall ship cruise
New Orleans
Learn how to do stained glass
Learn to sail

The biggest thing on my list for years was to get a novel published. I did that with Lost and Found, but that was a novella. So I adjusted it to a full length novel and this year I can cross that off my list as VN2 was accepted. I'm now updating it to a novel published in ink as opposed to ePub.

The other thing I was supposed to do this year was Japan. Obviously that didn't happen due to circumstances beyond my control. But HCat and I are already planning for next spring.

I pick two things out each year. Japan will be one. I'm still mulling over what the other choice will be. I'd love to see the Florida Keys but I haven't decided if that will be the other choice or not.

So happy birthday to me as I look back at another year and see what I checked off and what I've still got to look forward to.