April 20th, 2011

Danny W

Well, when the dam breaks, row with it

I've been in a huge slump since January, deep in depression and not feeling at all creative. I pounded out two Five-O vids but they weren't hard and weren't what I would call amazing. But outside of that, I've been pounding on a really thick wall and getting absolutely nowhere since VN2 got picked up.

Well that started to change this weekend as I found my voice with Mark and Ryan in Firebase October. They remain quite chatty, thank god. But yesterday, good grief! Danny started in on me and lets say he's loud and obnoxious about it. I mean really LOUD and OBNOXIOUS. I've been biding my time up until now as I wanted to see how the season shook out and get the last of the character stuff in place. Nah-uh, Danny is having none of that shit.

So I got three pages done on my first Five-O fic (and that's a lot for me) and I'm going to work on it some more after I get this entry done.

I feel alive again. This after a very long winter that took it's worst out on me. I am happiest when I can write.

I leave for Charlotte on Friday night, btw. I'll still have the internet and all, so I won't be off the map. But I'll be out of here, to where it's warm and I can relax and not think of anything I don't want to think about. I'll have the netbook so I can write on both Firebase October and this new obsession.

Oh, treating myself to a pedicure tomorrow since I will be in sandals and barefeet while lounging like a fat cat in the south.

Note to self- need to contact my editor and find out the status of my edits too.