April 29th, 2011


Rats, it's Friday

This time tomorrow, I'll be on a plane heading back to upstate NY. How depressing is that? I've had a blast down here and even managed to write quite a bit on a Five-O fic I haven't totally outlined yet. I've been working on it when my friend goes to bed, staying up until midnight. I'll probably sleep most of Sunday at home just to catch up on the lack of sleep due to writing.

I'm NOT complaining. The fact that I'm writing on anything makes DC a very happy girl. But I hate the fact that I'm going back to work on Monday to a job I hate. I keep wishing there was some way I could swing staying home and writing full time. I certainly have enough ideas to run with, but it's not like I'm making enough money to pull it off. Oh well.

When I get back I need to get set up on Breathless Press' news loops and and such and get that paper work back to them so they have my biography. I need to get to work on Gwenna's webpage as well, maybe try to have it re-worked/overhauled by the time VN2 releases. I'm also signed up to blog this month with Lyrical so I need to get on that. I'm blogging on a couple other sites to get the world out about VN2. In there will be the edits and such that I haven't seen come back from my editor yet, so guess who I'll be nudging gently when I get home? (She's been tied up with another author, so I understand.) That's the state of Gwenna for the time being.

DC's state will be getting ready for spring/summer--- finally. That means I'll be planting flowers and getting my veggie garden in. I'll have my husband haul out the deck furniture. I'm going to be watching my co-worker's house/cats again in May when they go to Florida. I'll bring my writing and vidding again and relax there. And Memorial weekend is fast approaching- that means a lovely long weekend with Kit- slashing and vidding and catching up. It will be summer after that. Thank you god.

A new Five-O will be on Monday night and the last two after that. I'm awaiting the season finale with trepidation.

decynthus , we on for walking when I get back? I need to get going here, big time. Three and a half miles on June 21st, I really need to get my fat ass moving on that.