May 15th, 2011

Halloween cat

The Dog Problem

I watched The Dog Problem today. Scott Caan wrote and directed it, and starred in it too, although he was not the lead in this one. It was cute, I thought his character was absolutely hysterical as the womanizing photographer. But the strip club scene- okay- that was worth the price of admission all by itself, I gotta say. When the jacket came off and he started dancing I couldn't stop laughing. That and the bit where he's in his ripped underwear and the little old lady walking by is acting all offended. Very funny. I could watch him in his underwear all day.

My blog article for Lyrical's third anniversary is done- and thanks to the ever wonderful HCat, it looks like I can even write! (Where would I be without her, I ask you?) That posts on Tuesday and I'll be sure to post a link for my legions of fans to follow. (yes, that's called sarcasm.)

I wrote more on the Five-O story I'm stumbling along through. I had to rip back a scene that after being greeted by the sound of crickets, I knew just had to go. Never be afraid to admit when something doesn't work right? And speaking of Five-O, I've been reading and watching all the opinions on Danny and Rachel and the "did he actually do THAT with Rachel?!?"- that being slept with his ex wife while she's still married to another man. I'm going to hold my opinion and thoughts until I see tomorrow's finale, when we know for sure if he's been carrying on with his ex-wife or something more innocent, like simply no longer hating each other so much. I'm just hoping that the writers paid attention to the character they've set up all season and don't totally screw it up, but we'll see, won't we? (It's not like they asked ME to write it- shame on them!)  Then I can have a fun discussion (with myself) about character since that's what I love anyway.

Watched another ToD ep with HCat last night. I can never get enough of Myron, I swear. I'm still so in love with a Jewish chain smoking lieutenant from Queens in rumpled fatigues. Oy!

A group leader position was actually posted for the first time in two years where I work- in my department of Radiology. I'm sure this is due in part because I bitched (I heard the sharp intake of breath there, people, but every once in a while I do have a spine!) about the last promotion that happened a few months ago. I made it clear that it's hard to show interest when they DON'T POST the damn positions- but instead hand pick who they want. Anyway, I put in for it. Yeah, yeah, there you have it. Now I've got an eight question document I need to fill out with all the usual stupid questions of why I want it and what makes me the best qualified. God, I hate these things. I wrote it up this morning and sent it to HCat who can hopefully save my ass. Maybe if they did regular reviews, they wouldn't  need to do the stupid questions, am I right?

Oh, walked 2.5 miles this morning. Why not three? Because it was pouring and I was soaked to the knees. I should get credit just for doing it.