May 16th, 2011

Halloween cat

Yup, it's finally here

Tonight is the finale for Hawaii Five-O. They've been playing it up for weeks and there is a lot of speculation. I've drawn my own conclusions and guesses as to who buys it- because at least one cast member is dying, possibly more. (I'll be so damn disappointed if it's one of the major four.) I'm going to hold my council as to who dies and whether Danny and Rachel have been doing the wild thing behind her current husband's back (Please writers, don't fuck up this character, please.) I'm usually wrong about these things so I'll just sit tight and suck it up.

My last night here house sitting as well. I need to have everything pretty much packed up and put away before 10pm (so I can watch the finale). I'm leaving it here and picking it up after work on my way home. More than likely Sue and her husband will have just gotten back when I swing through.

Oh, and I turned in the next step for the group leader position.