May 18th, 2011

Danny in pilot

It's official and OMG that's hot!

CBS finally announces their line up and thank you, god, Hawaii Five-O was on there. For the last month or so though, it was obvious- you aren't building and moving sets and having open casting calls for season two if there was any doubt it wasn't coming back.

I'm going to have my say/thoughts on the finale here, but I've been thinking and working on it. Alot of it is still sinking in.

And because this is funny and true- the Top Ten Bromantic Five-O Moments- and if you never watched the show this is still hysterical. Especially Danny declaring his love for Steve- it's canon people- we aren't making this up! These two are so in love excepting for Danny sleeping with his ex-wife. Oy.

And okay, because this picture made me drool because the guy is just so fucking hot (at least in my little mind), I just had to share as I rarely, if ever, share fangirl pictures so indulge me. LOL.

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