May 21st, 2011


So about the edits

My editor sent me the first four chapters back of VN2 a couple days ago. I dove right in, most of it is simple line editing. Some repeated words. I rarely disagree with anything she suggests because she knows what she's doing and I trust her. There is always a little thing here and there and I'll write her tomorrow about it. Her concern and it's a valid one because I was a bit worried about it as well is I throw a lot of characters out at the reader in the first chapter. Although the story is about Nathan and Ian, they are part of a team/unit who are all intertwined in this. I've got four other bonded pairs. I'm providing a listing of the names and as they are paired at the front of the book but that may still not be enough and I need to figure out a way to show the team without overwhelming the reader with a host of names.

The other concern is that real hard core sex is in the last third of the book and it's because the two characters can't get past the problems until then. There is stuff throughout, just not the full on boxer ripper material. I'll talk to her about that too. It's not a huge deal, it's not a plot hole or anything like that. Just a concern that the readers want some "payoff" as it were earlier. Don't get me wrong, I do have some pretty hot and sexy stuff. It's just that I might have to bring a bit more to the table. LOL.

A case of maybe too much plot and not enough porn! Oh dear.

So no big concerns, nothing I can't handle and will gladly to make it better if that's what needs to be done. She's got my back and I trust her enough to know that.