May 30th, 2011

Halloween cat

Rec's- Hawaii Five-O

I haven't done this in a long time and well, there is some seriously decent stuff out there.

I've become seriously addicted to azziria's stories- and she's prolific. And extremely well done. Her slash is beyone hawt. Seriously. My current favorites include Hooked and Collared (A/Us and I rarely rec A/Us). She also has another one out called Polka Dots that has both me AND Danny questioning our sexuality. Way too damn cute.

Be sure to check out her entire archive because she's well worth the time. Seriously worth it.

I've rec'd kare several times and will continue to here because the lady never disappoints. She loves all kinds of pairings and it's her Danny/Kono I'm so taken with as a rule. But her latest Danny/Steve is powerful like nothing else. She can pack an amazing amount of emotion and imagery in a very few words. It's an artform, people.

Of Father and Of Son
Her master list which is well worth exploring .

Song Vids
I've come to the conclusion I should just stop vidding all together because sweet baby jesus, I can't even come close to this stuff. It's blow your mind awesome and if you have been wondering what the talk is all about when it comes to his fandom- you need to check these out. Can not be compared.

Into the Fire
Everybody Loves Me

A really fun (and rare) Kono vid that is good for a lot of grins:
Shine Like Justice

This is an A/U to go with a fic and it's an A/U and extremely well done: