May 31st, 2011

Danny W

Reward- involving nudity and a hot fudge sundae.

I want it known that I deserve a reward today. It's like 95 degrees hot, humid as all get out and decynthus  and I just walked three miles. I thought I would melt. I think I deserve a naked Myron with a hot fudge sundae. Yeah, that's the ticket. I can get totally on board with that. And if Myron isn't available, Danny will do just fine. Uh huh. I can be flexible. :)

For the terminally curious and even for those who don't care- this makes 31 days straight for walking- that's every day for the month of May.

All my edits are in from my editor on VN2. I need to have everything back to her no later than June 10th, earlier would be better. So I've got about 2/3rds done and thank god it's like 95% line edit garbage that  requires nothing more than for me to click and accept. I'm going to try and have them turned around by Friday if at all possible. Looks more and more likely I'll keep the July 29th publication date but I'm still being cautious on it. I don't want to order my swag just yet until I'm absolutely sure.

Had the formal interview for that team leader position. We'll see what shakes out. Determination to be made this week. I have a feeling it might be as early as tomorrow.

OH, OH, OH! DC's newest squick with a bullet is now tenticle porn. Honest to god, I need brain bleach here please. (Not that it isn't my own damn fault this time...) It's right up there with mpreg.