June 2nd, 2011

Halloween cat

Yes! There's a gag reel too

To fill my ever growing collection of TV on DVD, we will have Hawaii Five-O. Woot!

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov reported on what the first season Hawaii Five-O DVDs will have:
H5-0 DVD LOADED with extras. Deleted scenes. Behind the scenes. SOTB. Stunt secrets. Gag Reel! So MUCH more. CBS HOME VIDEO u rock!!!!!!!  and yes, LOADS of commentaries from Directors, Producers and cast.

I'm a sucker for Behind the scenes, deleted scenes and especially gag reels. I can just imagine the gag reel stuff, especially between Scott and Alex. I can't wait to get this.


On another note... or two

I did NOT hear about the position. Which is odd. Tomorrow is a half staff day so it won't be announced. I told HCat they only had three canidates, me included and can't decide which of us is the lesser of all things bad.

Been barreling through my edits. Still got details at this point but think I can turn it all around by tomorrow night. Then it's on to line edits. Oh boy! Cyn, my editor, asked if I had my cover art. I told her I did and sent it over. She wrote back saying there is a reason this is called Breathless Press and that Ian looked beyond hot. LOL. It is a fantastic cover, I will admit.

I signed up for Netflix, btw. I wanted to get Entourage for one thing, just to see Scott Caan. Christ, I'm pathetic, I know already. Anyway, I watched the first ep he was in and laughed my ass off. He's such a prick and a sleeze and he plays it so damn well. So much different than Danny Williams. I just love watching this guy. I could watch Mercy again if I had the time right now.

Speaking of which, as I've mentioned before but will here- I've been involved in a small fandom for the last 10 or so years and only recently ventured out into what is legitimately a colassal one with H5O. We all pretty much knew each other in ToD- even if the gen people thought those of us who wrote slash about Zeke and Myron should be burned at the stake. Anyway, I'm digressing here... Over the last week or so, I've found new people who actually friended me- this a big deal to DC who has always had a very small flist. All people who I enjoy reading and watching. So cool for me- I've got new friends!

And I've picked up some interesting comments on my Danny implosion rant- I didn't post this to any of the lists. Again, small fandom girl not ready to swim with the sharks that come with big fandoms. So it's nice to see people seek it out anyway without my having advertised it out there, and comment on it. :) Character is so my passion. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.

Okay, I've screwed around enough, back to edits.