June 4th, 2011


Edits done- sort of

I got through the last of my edits on VN2 today. I'm just waiting on a few minor rewrites/additional material things I sent to the lovely H-Cat and when she gets those back to me- I'll plug them in and send it off and there you have it. VN2 done and back to the editor for her to go over once again.

Whew! It's been a long week of coming home and pushing through on those every single day. A 95k book is a lot to go through, let me tell you!

Now I can relax, do my gardening tomorrow. Look at my songvid (that I'm so unhappy with after seeing this one vid called Into the Fire) and get back on the epic Five-O fic. Yesterday, at work I was so sick of working on denials, that I quietly wrote a character sketch story from Danny's pov. God, I'm pathetic. I'll mirror it with Steve's pov and make it a set. If I'll post it or not- well that's something else entirely. I'm so not comfortable like I was in ToD, but I'm working on it.

Totally unrelated note:

Walmart had 5000 BTU A/C units for $98 so I had my husband get me one for my room. The portable A/C I've had for years just doesn't cut it and it takes up too much damn floor space in an otherwise small bedroom. I'll put it in the workout room for now and have Tim put the new unit in the window. Although right now, it's a tad too chilly. Did we already fast forward to fall? Did I miss something here?

Continue to walk. 35 days in a row now. Go me.