June 7th, 2011

TB Zeke/Myron

As if I don't have enough projects

If I could quit my job tomorrow and write full time, I'd have turned in my passcard key two weeks ago. I have soooo many projects I want to work on and have several in various stages of completion. 

My editor, sweetheart that she is, has fallen in love with two of my characters in VN2 They aren't the main focus, the story isn't about them but they have a big part and I make sure you get to know Doc and Sean really well. Cyn tells me they are crying out for their own story- since we get a lot of it but not all of it in this novel.

Seriously, I doubt I'm going to have hoards reading this one about Nate and Ian. Who is going to sign up for Doc and Sean? And their story doesn't start out pretty- in fact it's kind of brutal but for the fact that they survived and became a deeply committed pair. She keeps nudging me though, saying it could be a shorter novel.

*sigh* Good god, I've got so many other stories I'm trying to tell and I wasn't counting on VN2 being a series. A few years ago, maybe, but not now.

On a funnier (but still related sort of) note, Sue, the girl who I work with and who I house sit for says she's buying VN2 for her Kindle. Now she knows I write M/M so I'm a bit shocked. She insists. I told her she was going to read it and think of me as a pervert and never let me watch her house/cat again. She thought that was hysterical. Yeah. Well, we'll see once she starts reading it.

Walking streak remains intact. 38 days in a row. Go me.
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