June 9th, 2011

Danny in pilot

God, I'm glad I'm done and it's the weekend

I had a supremely crummy day, preceeded by a crummy evening last night courtesy of my husband who was in a snit. There goes it, enough said.

On a much more fun note, I'm going to post here that Scott Caan made #5 on EW's summer hotties list. I'd normally post about this on the two lists I play in once a while, but the last few times I've sort of gotten some attitude and snarkiness. I'm so not in the mood so I'll indulge here and be done with it.

I"m off tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have edits but I'm also going to work on my container gardening. I've got three flats of very pretty flowers to turn into pretty little displays. I'm going to finish out the veggie garden with the seeds. I put all the plants in earlier this week. Tonight, I may indulge and work on that Five-O character study I've been stumbling along at. Who knows, maybe I'll actually complete something and post it here.