June 11th, 2011

Halloween cat

point taken

As mentioned before, I've got two Five-O stories going that I keep chipping away at. One I call a "facet" character study- in that I explore one facet of a character. I could have that done today if I chose to. The other is the epic slash piece that I haven't had time to work on but will keep at. But then kare posts a mini challenge of sorts to write a rare pairings or other pairings on her LJ yesterday and well, for some stupid reason I couldn't resist.

Coupled with my whining to decynthus  during our last walk that writers like azziria  pound out these spectacularly well written (and smoldering hot) fics in lightning fast time...

The point being I finally just did it and wrote a quick Danny/Kono and finally got my first Five-O fic out there. Granted, it's a comment fic and it's on Kare's journal and that's where it will stay- unbeta'd and sloppy, but I did it- all 350 words of it.

On vidding- thank you tjournal , I was contacted by your friend running the vidshow at Wincon. I'll be looking into that to see what I can put there. I'd like to put Gay Platoon as it won at another con, it's extremely short and people get a kick out of it. I'll see if I have a Five-O vid that would even be worth it- considering the level of talent out there and that there will undoubtedly be tons submitted for this new and very large fandom- my "mad editing" skills type of vidding probably won't cut it.

It's raining today. For DC that means pretty much one thing- writing. (Unless more edits show up on my doorstep for VN2).