June 12th, 2011

Halloween cat

Productive weekend

I got a lot done this weekend. Besides the normal chores of dishes and laundry and cooking, I managed to squeeze in a few other things. Of course it helped that I had Friday off but hey, I'm not complaining here.
  • I potted and planted at least 85% of my flower containers, including the wine barrell in front. Everything looks fine and will look even nicer in a week or so as they fill out.
  • I got in the rest of my veggie garden. This included 4 types of tomatoes, two types of bell peppers, cucumbers, bird house gords, pole beans, leaf lettuce, radishes and several types of herbs including but not limited to- parsley, basil, pineapple sage and mint.
  • Weeded out my day lilly bed at the front of the house. Major project.
  • Got my hair trimmed (on Friday.)
  • I walked two miles Friday, yesterday and 2.5 miles today.
  • And I finished not one, not two, but three Five-O stories. Okay, one was a comment fic for kare I threw together but still. I just finished the facet character study. I also started yesterday and finished today, a Danny/Steve slash piece that was supposed to be a one off PWP but didn't turn out that way. Instead it's now the first installment in a series. Goody. And because I made a deal with the lovely kare not to take down a really awesome little ficelet she posted today, I'll be subjecting everyone to it at some point later this week. (It's a hot mess right now- until HCat can help me to clean it up.)
So a good weekend if I do say so.