June 16th, 2011

Zeke and Myron in Shortimer

And on over there

I'm adjusting to the new position. I wasn't sure, still a little bit unsure, but I think I'll manage to get along okay with my new manager. Today I think she realized that I do actually like to work, want work, want to learn work I don't know, and that I don't need to be told to do work. We had a girl call in last minute and I simply took her deposit and did it  It needed to be done and well, here I am, people. I told her that my main goal right now was to get up to speed so that I could get as much work as I could off her desk so she can get back to being a manager again.

The snot who got the team lead position in my friend's unit- the chatterbug that never shut up and thought she was all that and a bag of chips? Well she finally showed her true colors yesterday. And got stomped on big time by my friend for being such a snot and going to management behind her back. The small minded me wished I could have been there to watch. I'd have brought popcorn and wine coolers. It was epic Sue tells me. 45 minutes plus of epic. Yeow.

Monday I walked 3 miles. Tuesday decynthus  and I walked 3.5 miles. Yesterday I walked 3 miles. Today decynthus and I walked 3 but would have walked 3.5 but for the sudden rain storm that came up.Tuesday is the big Corporate Challenge walk. 7000 people are registered. We got our shirts today at work.

Next weekend I'm going to Kallie's. I can't wait. I haven't had time to work on the Five-O vid so hopefully I can there. And write on the epic story that I had set aside to write other ones. Which I will post soon, I swear, I promise. Then you all can see there was nothing to be excited about, really. The Friday after that, which will be July 1st, I'm flying to SC for 9 days of sun and rest and being spoiled by my friend down there. And maybe do a bit of job hunting while I'm at it.

My editor wrote about me- very unexpected and very sweet. Please check it out!


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