June 19th, 2011

Danny and Grace

New Fandom- another fic

Because it's Father's Day, I decided to post this one. I didn't write it with that in mind, but there you have it. This is also a character study of Danny and a look at his relationship with Grace.

Author: DC (fatorangekat )
Pair: implied Danny/Steve, Grace
Rating: G
Spoilers: a coda of sorts for ep#16 - E Malama
Warnings: Well, it's a character study, not slash
Disclaimer: The Hawaii Five-O characters do not belong to me. I simply love to play in their sandbox. (or on their beach.)
Author Notes: Huge thanks to HCat for her awesome beta skills and indulging me in this. And to kare  for her encouragement and cheerleading.
Summary: Grace hasn't worked through what happened with the carjacking.

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