June 23rd, 2011


What, is there a memo out there about me?

I'll apologize to some of you who are editors here on my list but I just need to vent a little. This is not directed at you, honest.

VN2 got kicked up to line edits finally- and yeah, I'm happy about that. So I get back the first 113 pages and okay fine, it's the picky shit and I knew it would be and a few things I don't agree with and I can deal with that. That's what line edits are for.

But I'm getting damn tired of apologizing for a) writing soldiers who TALK like soldiers and b) for authentic Vietnam terminology. I'm not trying to be "PC", I'm writing for a time period and for authenticity.

So here's the rub. With Lost and Found- I managed to offend the line editor there because she's Korean and I used the word "gook". It wasn't used for shock value, it wasn't used to offend, it was used because that's what Mark and every other American soldier/sailor/Marine/airman would have called the enemy. But I apologized and pulled it.

Now I have a line editor who is Southern Baptist and well, heaven forbid that my characters say, God or Christ or any combination there of.

Can I please get a line editor who checks their religion and or ethenticity at the door please? Or at least could I get a warning up front saying what offends said line editor so I can avoid the hassle?
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