June 26th, 2011

Halloween cat

Back from Buffalo, off to Charlotte... in five days

I had, as I always do, a great time at Kallie's. Left work early on Thursday and drove out to Buffalo and relaxed and unwound. There is something to be said for spending time with another fangirl. And she's such an amazing vidder, I try to learn a few things from her but you can't teach talent, so I just go with what I can.

I didn't get much done on the Five-O slash vid I'm working on, for some reason I just wasn't finding the clips I wanted, or I did but they didn't fit the way I wanted. I'm also tinkering, carefully, with a couple of special effects so that it looks like I can do a little more than string clips together to music.

I did, however,get through 113 pages of line edits and turned those back. And I pulled down a ton more Five-O clips for both me and Kallie to work with. And along with HCat, we watched the slashiest of the ToD eps- The Road to Long Binh, making inappropriate comments throughout. (It can't be helped with this episode- they are so on a DATE!)

Also, Breathless Press, who is publishing VN2, has a marketing person who wil set up a blog tour for you if you want. Desperate to get the word out about my newest upcoming release- I signed up, told her what I would do and already got one extensive interview questioniare back. So along with the other things I did this weekend in Buffalo, I filled out what had to be one of the longest blog interviews I've ever done. I've got another one I need to do before I leave for Charlotte.

Which I do on Friday. I've got a 7pm flight direct to Charlotte with no layovers. I'll be there just after 9pm- how sweet is that? Considering last year I drove and that's 14 hours. There is something to be said for buying an airline ticket, I gotta say. I'll be there for the entire week and fly back the following Saturday. I have every intention of working on the epic Five-O fic I haven't had time for. (I'm sure that will make kare  very happy.) And I will probably get going on the next installment of No Promises as well. I'm really hoping the rest of the line edits will get to me before I go so I can turn those back around.

Until then, I've got 5 full days of work. :P The position I really, really, really wanted suddenly posted, this past week of course. *sigh* Karma runs that way for me.
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