June 30th, 2011

Freakin' Platoon

Okay, because I can't stop laughing

I had to turn in my book information package a couple days ago as VN2 is pretty much ready to go. This included the blurbs, key words, biography and some other stuff. Anyway, the owner, who, for some reason is just more excited than anyone has a right to be- wanted a blurb with more punch. You know- more porn and less plot type of thing. So anyway, he sent this to me and well, I can't help it. I just burst out laughing everytime I read it. Especially the last line...

Ian Davidson is a Truebred, son of a general and a soldier uncomfortably destined for an officer's role in the military. Worse, he's got a gift; he can read other's thoughts and feel their emotions. His father has used him and it to get ahead in his own career despite the fact that Ian can't quiet the voices in his own head. But when the Bond chooses Nathan as his mate, the pain ebbs and the voices cease. If only he could be sure bonding with Nate doesn't mean he's going to be controlled by a partner as much as he's been controlled by his father, and his destiny...
Several months ago, Sergeant Nathan Williams lost his Bond partner in battle and along with it, his will to live. But a trip to the local recreation hub for black market supplies buys him more than he bargains for - a Bond with a new partner, Lieutenant Ian Davidson. There is something about Ian that forces Nathan to believe that the Bond between them could be stronger than his previous one. If only he can convince Ian to give in and give the Bond a chance.
When Nathan is captured on VN2, the worst post in existence, Ian is forced into new territory that he is not familiar with - the leadership of a reluctant team and his newly discovered feelings for Nathan. The struggle to accept the Bond spills into the battlefield, and Nathan is pushed to the brink with memories of his old Bond. It becomes sexual tension hell when event after event threatens to tear the couple a part when both wants nothing more than to tear each others clothes off.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit it's a "zipper ripper", no getting around it. But in the interest of full disclosure and so you don't run out to get your copy thinking clothes are going to be flying off- um- well no. No clothes get torn off. LOL. Really. But I thought I'd share for the grins anyway.

It's official people, I write really trashy romances.

On the other hand, Justyn is just thrilled to have this as he wants military romances (especially about gays) and well, here I am. I can only hope it does okay in sales.