July 13th, 2011

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Oh boy

I never saw VN2 as a complete manuscript. It was edited in chunks so I never saw it put together after that. Add to it that there was a mix up and I didn't get my dedication and acknowledgements added and well, I wasn't happy. So I spoke with the powers to be at Breathless and explained my concerns and how important it was to get the dedication in. I gotta admit, they are so easy and nice to work with. I got a copy of the entire manuscript and told to look it over and add the dedication.

Thank god because I found more little errors. I had to read all 93K+ words in two evenings. Oy. I found a bunch of missing words, a few formatting issues and punctuation problems. I doubt I got it all, but, at least I got to fix what I found.

I'm continuing to settle into my new job more and more. Things are starting to make more sense and Sherry is showing me more and more. She'd like to go on vacation in August and wants me up to speed enough that I can handle the unit while she is gone. I think I'll be okay by then.

But I'd much rather be back in Charlotte. Winter will be here soon and I'm so not ready for that. *sigh*
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williams and mcgarrett

Recs- Because I haven't in a while

There is some serious talent out there in the Five-O fandom. With it being summer, there hasn't been a whole lot of writing, but here is what I've enjoyed lately.

Kare- who never ceases to amaze me with what the woman can do with 100 words. I mean, really!

A Kiss Is- Steve/Danno

Drink to remember, Drink to forget- Steve

Azziria- who has a talent that just knocks my socks off every single time.

No more Compromises

Edited to add:

No I in Team by Leupagus and Sutlers- hands down the funniest damn story I ever read. Written entirely in Danny's pov, it just gets crazier and better the further in you read.

There were some others, I need to start writing them down so I can remember them. I'll have to go back and look. But seriously, I can't say this enough, these two are my favorite authors and you can't go wrong with anything they write.

Oh, Kare- I know the one and I can't find my bookmark for it. Do you have the link to that incredibly funny story where Steve's SEAL team comes to the island and they are a complete bunch of lunatics- it was all in Danny's POV and it was spot on and perfect and I absolutely loved it. Thanks love!