August 21st, 2011

Halloween cat

My heat attack for the morning

One of the first things I do every morning is boot my desktop up. Okay, I'm a computer junkie and internet whore, I freely admit it. some people need coffee and a newspaper. Me, I need LJ and email. And it all worked just fine when I got up. But then I came down after eating breakfast to send out a couple of emails and the damn thing had frozen up.

My husband, thankfully, can and often is, my personal Geek Squad guy. After trying to do a few hard re-boots with no success, he took the case apart and found about a pound of dust and cat fur. He cleaned it all out, put her back together and turned it on and thank you god, it works just dandy.

Thankfully, I do back up everything onto a portable hard drive so it wouldn't have been a total loss. But still, this is my main working computer, where I run my business out of, where I do most of my writing (when I'm not traveling) and just about everything else. It's not that I can't (and have in the past) relocate to my big Dell laptop, it's just not convenient. I also have a Toshiba Netbook too, that travels with me because my laptop is supreme, but big and heavy. And I'm not ready for a tablet yet. (I want technology to get better on those- and the prices cheaper.)

So, anyway. not the morning I had planned. Now I need to resettle and get my head back in the right place if I'm going to do any writing, be it fanfic or regular. Or both.
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