August 24th, 2011

Halloween cat

Odd week- and it's only Wednesday

I've been running at full tilt for the last few days. We had no one, I mean NO ONE to payment post on Monday, so I had to do the entire deposit myself. That was a huge headache as we are on a time limit, everything has to be ready for the courier by 11am to go to the bank. Then yesterday one of the two other payment posters called in. So yeah, there I am payment posting again. Two days of craziness leaves DC's desk a total wreck.

Thankfully, we were back to full staff and I could try to deal with all the fires on said desk that I had to ignore the past couple of days. But my direct manager isn't feeling well so she leaves early. Not too big a deal for me. I actually breathe a bit easier when she's not there.

She did, however, send me a quick email just before I left for the day to tell me I was doing an excellent job and thanks so much. *preen* It's so nice to know.

I haven't been able to concentrate at all on my writing. Not my fanfic or regular stuff. Husband it leaving early Friday though, for the entire weekend and so I'm hoping some stuff snaps into place. Danny has been very chatty, but not the least bit helpful. And I think I got all my marks in place to try and pound out a regular piece that I want to keep at 20 to 25k word count if I can. It's going to be long on sex and shorter on plot. That's the goal anyway. Title- Three Nights in Siagon.

On a good note, I just got really nice tickets to see the Lion King here in town for the month of September- Friday the 23rd, orchestra, pretty much dead center in row N. I've seen the play in NYC, once, years and years ago. I can't wait to see it again. Husband coming with me.

It has cooled off dramatically here this week. I love the fall, but it means that summer is over and winter and the hellish driving to and from work is right around the corner. And monster depression. It can't be avoided, I've tried. At least it's been nice not to have to run the AC every night and walking is a heck of alot more comfortable.

Speaking of which, my walking streak remains intact. I haven't missed a day since May 1st.

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