September 2nd, 2011

Danny smile

Enjoying long weekend

I've been here in Buffalo, visiting the sweet Kallie since Wednesday afternoon. It's always soooo much more relaxing here and I'm not dealing with the stress of work and my house (the house so depresses me...) I'm here until Monday. Lots of writing and vidding and talking slash and going out to late lunches and staying up past midnight. I love it here. Why do I have to go home?

I only have a few days left if I'm going to turn a vid into WinCon. Time just raced away from me. I had two ideas (because my slash one isn't near done and won't be for a while) and one of them was to update and freshen up the first Five-O vid I did. So I started doing that yesterday. Would have had more done if it weren't for the power going out unexpectedly here for four hours. But it seems to be working out well. I pulled out several clips that everyone uses in their vids and replaced with others that aren't nearly as common or used at all. I'll finish that part up, hopefully today. I also expanded the music so I can add an additional section and I think I can pull that part together rather quickly as well. I've got until  Monday, midnight, to pull it together and get it over there. They'll probably have a ton of Five-O submissions as that's the new shiney fandom out there, but I'll give it a try anyway.

I'm also going to be working on No Consequences- my Five-O series with very messed up Danny, and a new regular piece I'm calling Three Nights in Saigon. My effort to write more porn and less plot there. Uh huh. Anyway, on the Five-O piece, I've been grinding on that one- having problems just making it talk to me. I hate when that happens. I like the series but there are some other things that I won't get into here because it stupid and foolish.

Job is going okay- I feel useless though and I like to say- a total waste of desk space. I got overwhelmed with Medicare as it's time consuming and leaves me no time to work on other tasks I need to work on. This includes auditing the girl sitting next to me as she's sloppy and careless. I was shuffling her down my list as I have to deal with Medicare every day immediately. Anyway, my manager took some things back this week just to help me out but it made me feel slow and useless. I don't feel I'm contibuting enough. It's not for lack of trying but still.

For those keeping track of the walking, I've managed to keep my streak intact still, from May 1st. This may come to an end this upcoming week but we'll see.

Oh, husband took two civil service exams. He scored as #1 canidate on both of them. This gives him the strong possibility of transferring back to Albany (2 1/2 hours east of here) and being home only on weekends. Which would make my life sooooo much more pleasant. I could actually get the house back in some sort of decent shape again. If it happens by fall (and there is nothing saying it will, I'm just hoping), I will have Kallie come spend a long weekend with me and we will rip my workroom down to nothing, clean it, paint it and re-do it so that I could actually like to write in there again. And vid and also organize my knitting and cross-stitching. And then maybe, just maybe, winter won't kill me this year with another monster depression. So keep your fingers crossed, please, he transfers to Albany.

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